Respect for other chatters

This includes refraining from offensive language, personal attacks, and discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or political views.

Appropriate content

The channel may have specific guidelines regarding the types of content that are allowed, such as explicit language or mature themes.

No spamming

Chatters should not flood the channel with repeated messages or promotional content.

Proper use of bot and automated systems

If the channel allows bots or other automated systems, it is important to use them responsibly and not abuse their functions.

Follow instructions from operators

If an operator asks a chatter to stop a certain behavior, it is important to respect their authority and comply.

No impersonation

Chatters should not impersonate other users or use fake identities.

No hacking or illegal activity

This includes attempts to gain unauthorized access to other users’ accounts or systems.

Finally, have fun and be open-minded!

We hope you have a great time in our channel and make some new friends along the way. Let's keep things fun, friendly, and respectful!